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We at Essa Mohd Ali Trading, deal in all sorts of furniture. If you want to sell your used furniture or want to buy furniture, whether used or new, we are here to assist you. In need for some quick cash or something great for your home? To get touch with us through a call , contact us form or send us pictures of your furniture via email and our team will get to you ASAP. Apart from furniture, we also deal in some electronic products as well. Please visit us at our shop so that you can see what we have to offer
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How do we work?
Product Icon 0 at Essa Mohd Ali TradingVisit our store ,contact us by the number or throught form Product Icon 1 at Essa Mohd Ali TradingChoose what to do with your furniture, whether sell it or exchange or buy a new furniture and then let's talk on further detailsProduct Icon 2 at Essa Mohd Ali TradingOur people will inspect and value your furniture and offer you a fair trade for your furniture
Abdul Wahab
This is very nice website it helped me sale my used furniture. The new exchanged furniture was also very nice and in good condition.
Rizwan bin Saleem
Just finished dealing with Essa Mohd Ali Trading. Great stuff and nice method of working. Really glad i found these guys.
Rukhsana Bibi
Thanks to you guys, my place is now a lot comfortable since much of the furniture is now bought by you.
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Contact us by our contact details or through our provided form and we'll get to you.

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Essa Mohid Ali Trading As A Pioneer In Furniture Industry

Essa Mohid Ali Trading is an online store that can make your place look stylish and accommodate in a good budget. It gives you easy shopping experience.You can buy various kinds of furniture pieces to meet your demands. we buy & sell a sort of buffet like home furniture, old furniture and even handmade furniture.

It goes without saying that every one of us wants our homes to be prominent from the rest because it is a place which reflects our personality traits. So, we have made life easier by moving the entire trouble that comes with in-person-furniture-shopping to an online platform where top furniture brands showcase their respective products.

Now forget about leaving home as buying furniture of your choice is just a tap/click away.

Buy Furniture Online By Essa Mohid Ali in UAE

We provide you handmade tables, tables for living room, dining tables, book ranks, cupboards, chairs, beds and much more in contrary modelling & fabrication, We look for Quality with reasonable budget. The ideology of our work is to give fine, high quality, high standards, outstanding superb & first- rate furniture in easy access. For a quick access we accept the order online in UAE and also provide shipping at your place safely.

Handmade Home and Office Furniture for Sale

We don’t stand as an online furniture store for Home furniture alone, we also serve our customers as office furniture store as well as Contemporary furniture providers. The specific discounts that are only applicable on purchasing via our platform.

We have a clear distinction of prices mentioned on our websites for shop-based cost of furniture articles and discounted price of that article on purchasing via our platform. Our idea is to completely centralize entire furniture stores online in UAE so that a customer can have everything related to modern furniture at a single place whether its office or home-based furniture.

What Are the Furniture Items for Sale on Our Platform?

We provide a wide range of furniture items, one that includes everything from beds to dining tables, sofas, kids’ furniture and more. Here’s a brief description of everything that you will find on Essa Mohid Ali.

Best Beds for Sale By Essa Mohid Ali

A vast majority of people nowadays suffer from an uncomfortable sleep. Which, as a result, gives them a headache and other health problems. The main reason behind this is the poor-quality beds that they sleep on. Buying beds from Essa Mohid Ali will ensure that you don’t suffer from sleep problems anymore. We are the leaders in furniture market and offer multiple ranges of beds in our store. Moreover, we have firm contacts with UAE’s top furniture manufacturers with a variety of beds, so if there is a particular type of bed that you need or are looking for, we will assist you getting it in an economical manner.

Below are the types of beds available on our platform:

Modern Beds
Classic Beds
Semi Classic Beds
Kids Beds

Best Sofas to Buy in UAE

Essa Mohid Ali is the most superior place to buy sofa(s) of your choice. We have countless brands selling some of the most uniquely manufactured sofa sets in a variety of styles that are impossible to find anywhere else. So, if you’ve had an image of something that you liked in a showroom stuck in your mind, Essa Mohid Ali is the likeliest place for it to be found at a price far less than the market cost. Moreover, we give you the option to customize sofas with fabrics and colors of your choice.

Some of the most sought-after sofa ranges on our platform are:

Drawing Room Sofas
Lounge Sofas
Bedroom Sofas
Study Room Sofas
Kids Room Sofas
Waiting Rooms Sofas
L-Shaped Sofas
Sofa Cum Bed

Unprecedented Furniture Tables

Explore our extensive range of furniture tables for your living room, dining room, and office. Our collection of tables boasts a diverse variety that is definitely going to match your taste. Here you will find pieces with intricate detailing and a touch of elegance crafted to impress any individual. The tables on our platform have exclusive designs with both modern and classic themes for those looking to add an exceptional touch to their home. There are also many abstract designs sporting different features such as center clock tables, art press net tables, center high table with drawer, center roundtables, chester tables, and more.

Our entire range of stylish furniture tables includes:

Center Tables
Dining Tables
Nest Tables
Tea Trolley Tables
LED Media Tables
Study Tables
Kids Tables

Here’s what you will find in our home & décor section:

Coat Hanging Racks
Handcrafted Décors
Wall-Hanging Decors
Paintings, and more.

Exclusive Chairs at Low Prices

Your home interior will always be incomplete without right kind of chairs. And the best place to find those chairs is Essa Mohid Ali which is UAE’s biggest online platform with furniture items. Here you will find chairs that are crafted out of unique material and built in a way that will perfectly go with your interior. So be it wing chairs, rocking chairs, the ones for relaxing, dining, or simply sitting outdoors with loved ones, they are available for everyone based on their style and design choices. Essa Mohid also offers folding chairs for people with small apartments. These chairs are portable in nature and can be moved from one spot to another with ease. So, when you have guests coming in, use these foldable chairs to make some additional space and enjoy the good moments.

In our Chairs section, you will find:

Dining Room Chairs
Bedroom Chairs
Easy Chairs
Drawing Room Chairs
Computer Chairs
Remarkable Office Furniture
The office furniture of our platform is meant to increase the productivity of employees by enabling them to work smoothly for long hours. Our variety includes:

Office Chairs:

These chairs come with a set of wheels, back support, armrest, and offer adjustable height to prevent back pain or stress.

Executive Chairs:

Provide the maximum ease during work hours with a jaw-dropping look that will leave your clients in awe when they come visiting.

Other than that, you will find here best prices on tables, chairs, and other office supplies. So, log on now to find the best deal.

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